After-school Activities

After School Activities (ASA) are additional opportunities for growth and development supporting the AITIS formal instruction program. It creates a safe venue for your child to pursue different educational and fun-filled activities. It supports our school’s mission towards your child’s holistic development by providing specialized learning experiences even after school hours. ASA includes a list of numerous fields of learning such as Languages, Visual and Fine Arts, as well as Music, Sports and Recreation. Every school year, we offer four ASA sessions for our Grade 1 – 6 students from August to May. Children can choose one activity per session. These activities are supervised by dedicated AITIS staff and professionals, and are held within the school campus.

Staff Activity No. of Students Room Number Day
1. Mr. Elvis Chess Game 12 210 Tues
2. Mrs. Karthy/ Ms. Aporn Public Speaking 12 211 Tues
3. Mrs. Sarita / K. Prajit Yoga 16 209 Tues
4. Mrs. Rathna/ K. Daw Scout Activity 18 108 Tues
5. Mrs. Jennifer Modern Dance 11 111 Wed
6. Mr. Ernesto Singing (Ind./Pair) 9 209 Wed
7. Mrs. Yemi /Mrs. Neeta Comic Club 12 202 Wed
8. Mrs. Sarojani/Ms. Duan Skipping/Jump Rope 14 207/Pavilion Thurs
9. Mrs. Aparna Science Club 7 113 Thurs