Special Learning Needs

Assisting students identified with mild learning difficulties through our Support Learning Program.

Our school is able to admit and serve students with mild learning difficulties who demonstrate the ability to access and benefit from our regular curriculum and program with limited assistance from our Support Learning Program.

Students with special learning needs will be admitted on the basis of the admissions committees review of the following:

  • Previous school records and placements of the student
  • Relevant grade level admission test results in English, Math, Social and Emotional Skills, and Motor Skills
  • Possible Individual Educational Plan (IEP)

Our school does not offer modified grades or alternative certificates. Admission to one grade level may not ensure continued enrollment in the next school grade level as the school may not be able to meet the individual educational needs of a student with learning difficulties as they progress through the grade levels due to the increased level of academic requirements at progressive grade levels.

AITIS does not have resources and facilities to organize professional therapy services. Therefore, AITIS is not able to admit students with:

  • Low cognitive functioning
  • Severe physical disabilities
  • Both learning disabilities and limited English language proficiency