Fees and Payments

AITIS school fees are charged according to parents’ statuses that will be checked at the beginning of each semester. Children of AIT Staff (with a contract of not less than one year) and Faculty will get a discount of 75% from the school fees. Children of AIT Students (having married and accommodation in the AIT campus duly approved by SAO) will get a discount of 50% of the tuition and SCDF. In a case one parent is AIT Student and the other is AIT staff or faculty member, the lower discount rate applies. Children of seconded AIT Faculty and Staff, children of concessionaires in the AIT campus, and children of non-AIT are not eligible for discount.

The fee is divided into two categories:

(A) Tuition Fee: covers the operating expenses.

(B) School and Campus Development Fund (SCDF): The SCDF will be used to cover the AIT International School and its campus development.

The school fees are defined as follows:

  1. All non-AIT children will pay the SCDF of Baht 5,000 per semester. Children of AIT Staff and Faculty will get a discount of 75% of the SCDF. Children of AIT students will get a discount of 50% of tuition and SCDF.
  2. The school fee for Pre-Kindergarten Section is THB 57,250 per child per semester. The school fee for Elementary School Section is THB 68,500 per child per semester.

FEE STRUCTURE: Nursery,Pre-K 1 and Pre-K 2 (Per Semester)

Status Tuition Fee SCDF Snack Fee Morning PTA Fund Lunch Supervision Day Care Fee Snack Fees Care Fee Technology Fee
AIT Student 28,625 2,500 2,200 150 1,500 2,500 1,500 2,500
Staff, FAC 57,250 5,000 2,200 150 1,500 5,000 1,500 2,500
Seconded 57,250 5,000 2,200 150 1,500 5,000 1,500 2,500
Non-AIT 57,250 5,000 2,200 150 1,500 5,000 1,500 2,500

*Note : Snack fees may be altered any time without prior notice

FEE STRUCTURE: KG, G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, G6 (Per Semester)

Status Tuition Fees SCDF PTA Fund Technology Fee
AIT Student 34,250 2,500 150 2,500
Staff, FAC 68,500 5,000 150 2,500
Seconded 68,500 5,000 150 2,500
Non-AIT 68,500 5,000 150 2,500


For most AIT employees, the school fees are directly debited from their salary. For non-AIT students, the school will send an invoice to parents. Payment must be made to the AIT Cashier for the school Account within the due date. Payment can be made by cash or by cheque.


Parents must contact the AIT International School Principal before the due date if they wish to request a late payment.

Parents who need to transfer/withdraw a child from the school, AITIS requires one month prior notice in writing from the concerned parents/guardians. The notification should indicate the students last day of attendance. The parents and guardians would be issued a Clearance form from the office indicating that all the fees and debts have been paid and all the items (books etc.) belonging to the school have been returned before the withdrawal is effective. Without the filled and signed clearance form, the School will not be able to issue the Students Leaving Certificate.

Parents should no expect to have a place on their return to AI IS unless they notify the Principal at the time of withdrawal. Failure to do this means they must re-register and assume their place on the waiting list.

In a case the withdrawal is done in the middle of a semester, parents must inform the school before the invoices are sent out. School fees refunds will be granted in accordance with the following schedule:

If the child registers for less than four (4) weeks the tuition fee will be reduced by 75%.
If the child registers for less than eight (8) weeks, the tuition fee will be reduced by 50%.
If the child registers for more than eight weeks, the tuition fee will be charged in full.
Refund mentioned above does not apply to both Snack fees, Daycare Fee (for Pre-K only), SCDF, PTA fund and Technology Fee.

Tuition fees are not refundable if the above condition is not fulfilled.