About AIT International School

Principal’s Welcome

Sawasdee Krup,

Welcome! It is my pleasure to invite you to explore our website. Here you will find our Vision, Mission Statement, Core Values and learn about what makes AITIS so special.

AIT International School is unique because our student body is made up of a diverse blend of cultures. It is through this diversity that we gain our strength.

AITIS is student-centered; from smaller class sizes to the variety of afterschool activities and healthy food we serve in the canteen, we put children first. We are experts in child development and understand how students progress within each age group, in their own unique ways. We are holistic in our approach, addressing the needs of our students academically, socially, emotionally, and physically. Every child learns differently and so our teachers are versatile and adept at using a varied palette of teaching strategies. We teach our students to respect and celebrate diversity, and in turn they make friends with classmates from around the world.

Our American-based curriculum is modified to meet international school standards. All instruction is in English and our certified teachers are either native speakers or highly fluent in English. Our teachers are our biggest asset, and they are given opportunities to continually hone their craft through professional development. We offer Thai Language classes for native speakers as well as Thai Language for beginners to help them adapt to living in our beautiful host country.

Our students look forward to coming to school because of their natural curiosity and eagerness to learn in our nurturing environment. We empower our students to be lifelong learners, giving them the confidence to ask questions, take risks, and think critically. I invite you to join our community where every child is valued and every family is invited to become an integral part of their child’s education. As Principal, I also look forward to coming to school because of the students, teachers and families who make AITIS such a dynamic, stimulating, and friendly place to be.

Warm regards,

Kevin Mauritson, M.Ed
Director & Principal

Kevin Mauritson, M.Ed
Director & Principal


The mission of AITIS is to provide holistic education in a stimulating and caring international environment that will help build a positive attitude towards learning. Our education is based on values that will support the growth of a reflective and responsible member of the society.


  • Communication
  • Cooperation
  • Creativity
  • Equality
  • Freedom of expression
  • Integrity
  • Reflectiveness
  • Responsibility
  • Safety
  • Security


To integrate school values in all our activities


Values form the core of all school activities: policies and decision-making, curriculum priorities, and teaching and learning practices.

To educate through real-life situations


The content of education springs from the students themselves through their experiences in the world around them.

To encourage effective communication


Communication is a two-way process. Effective communication can help us avoid conflict and solve problems. Open and honest communication is also important for making friends and building healthy relationships.

To respect the individual’s freedom of expression


Freedom of expression is a cornerstone of democratic rights and freedom, and our community upholds the rights of all to express their views and opinions freely.

To support holistic development


Holistic development recognizes the importance of the whole while realizing that the parts are dependent on each other. Holistic education emphasizes the development of the personal, intellectual, emotional, psychological, physical, social, cultural, creative, artistic, and spiritual potential of every individual.

To encourage creativity


We welcome different and unconventional approaches from new perspectives.

To foster self-motivated learning


When we approach learning willingly through attitudes of openness and curiosity, we regard learning as a personally significant experience. It enhances social inclusion, active citizenship, and personal development.

To foster responsibility


We are accountable for our actions and their consequences.

To positively contribute to the community


We cultivate close partnerships among parents, students, AIT, and teachers to ensure meaningful relationships. A sense of belonging builds our sense of worth and promotes positive contributions to the community.


One of the features of AITIS is the extraordinary sense of community and the welcome it offers to students and their families from countries around the globe.